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  "Young master, may I come in?" You hear the suave voice of your new butler, Sebastian, calling from the opposite side of the oak door.

  Unlike the rest of the servants, Sebastian was a demon. You had accidentally summoned him a few months ago, when you had been on the verge of death after being beaten and broken by a passing gang. His sudden appearance hadn't phased you, and was the beginning of a long relationship.

  "Go ahead." You reply, looking up briefly from the boring business papers set in front of you. He strides in, holding yet another stack of paperwork in his large, gloved hands.

  "Not more paperwork." You groan, leaning back in the plush chair and covering your face with your hands.

  "I am afraid so, madam." He replies; you can hear the smirk in his voice.

  "You patronizing ass. What did I tell you about calling me that?"

  "My apologies, young master, but it is simply the proper way for me to address you." Sebastian replies, removing your hands from your face.

  "Yeah, well, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm not exactly a very proper person. I wear sweat pants and slippers almost every day." You say, (e/c) orbs flashing as they meet his own red orbs.

  "Maybe we should change that, then, madam." Sebastian suggests, placing a hand under your chin and tilting your head upwards. You narrow your eyes as his smirk widens.

  "Hey, let's not and say we did. There's no reason to get changed if I'm only going to stay inside all day, looking over paperwork and attending lessons. By the way, what am I studying today?"

  Sebastian sighs, making an overly dramatic gesture. "Is your memory really that poor, young master? I told you only this morning that you have a music lesson today."

  "Sorry, I'm not a morning person. I tend to space out in the morning." You reply, watching his reaction. Anger flits across his face for a fraction of a second before he regains his cool facade. "So, how long before I get to leave my paperwork for music?"

  Checking his pocket watch, Sebastian replies, "It is due to start in five minutes, young master. I will be your tutor for the day."

  "Fine. I'll meet you downstairs in a minute. Just let me organize all these papers." Sebastian nods, then bows before leaving.

  Turning your attention back to the papers, you absentmindedly sort them into two piles. What is going to make me do this time? You wonder, standing. If it's violin again, I swear I'm going to wring his neck.

  You leave the room, carefully descending the grand marble staircase. Your hand casually ran over your covered right arm, where the mark of the contract was forever imprinted on your body.

  Heading down the hallway to your left, you slowly open the heavy door to the room Sebastian is waiting in. A small blush creeps on to your face as you see him: On one side, his bangs were slicked back, and he was wearing oval-framed glasses. In his hand, he holds a conductor's baton.

  "Ah, young master. Are you ready to begin?" Sebastian asks, noticing you quickly.

  "Yes." You reply grudgingly, making your way over to him.

  "Good. Today, we will be practicing with...the voice." He tells you. You groan inwardly as he starts, not paying much attention to his lesson. He snaps you out of your thoughts when he says, "Now, young master, sing."

  Gulping, you feel your mouth become dry as you try to get out of it. "I-I...uh, I....I, um..." You flounder, trying to think of any excuse.

  "Young master?"

  "I...can't. Not...anymore." You finally admit, looking down.

  "Young master, what has caused you to lose your voice?"

  "Look...I don't like talking about it. But if you must know...I've lost all reason to sing. I used to do it...all the time. Things...weren't too bad back then. But...everything's changed. I haven't sung in...years? I don't think I can...not anymore, anyway." You say, bowing your head.

  "My apologies, young master. I was not aware of the issue. But could you please try?" Sebastian asks, face and eyes soft as he forces you to look up.

  "Okay, okay. Just give me a second." You say, trying to remember any songs from your childhood. A strong memory hits you, and you slowly start singing.

  "Look into my eyes and you'll see
I'm the only one.
You've captured my love, 
Stolen my heart,
Changed my life.

  Every time you make a move,
You destroy my mind, 
And the way you touch,
I lose control and shiver, 
Deep inside.
You take my breath away."

  You were surprised, to say the least, that you still possessed your voice. Your vocals resonate, changing pitch perfectly as you continue.

  "You can reduce me to tears
With a single sigh.
Every breath that you take,
Every sound that you make, 
Is a whisper in my ear.

  I could give up all my life
For just one kiss.
I would surely die
If you dismissed me from your love.
You take my breath away."

  Your voice was becoming fuller as you began to add emotion. Crescendos, decrescendos, and verbatas were coming together in harmony as Sebastian gazed at you, red eyes wide with shock.

  "So please don't go.
Don't leave me here all by myself.
I get ever so lonely, 
From time to time.

  I will find you, 
Anywhere you go.
I'll be right behind you,
Right until the ends of the earth.

  I'll get no sleep 
'Til I find you
To tell you
That you just
Take my breath away."

  Sebastian had joined in, the two distinct voices melding beautifully. You trail off as your throat constricts, and you shake your head.
  "No more, Sebastian." You say shakily, turning away from him as tears begin to prick your eyes.

  "Young master, is something wrong?" He asks, coming closer and spinning you around.

  "It's nothing, Sebastian. That song just...has a lot of meaning associated with it, that's all." You tell him as you wipe away a few tears. "But it's nothing, really, Sebastian."

  "Young master, why did you do that if it was only going to end like this?"

  "You were practically begging. And I didn't know how I would react."

  Sebastian shakes his head, a small smile etched on his face. "Well, I believe we are done for the day, young master." You nod, turning to leave, only to have Sebastian grab your wrist. Before you can register what's happening, Sebastian gently presses his soft lips to your own. You relax into him as he grabs the back of your head.

  He quickly flicks out his tongue, running the muscle against your bottom lip. You smirk slightly, not opening your mouth in the slightest. Finally, Sebastian uses his tongue and pries your lips apart easily. You fight him as his tongue starts exploring your wet cavern. You manage to hold him off for a while before he finally overpowers you.

  Your arms snake around Sebastian's neck as you feel your back being pressed into the exquisite grand piano. His arms grip your hips, roughly pulling you closer to him. Your hand tangle in his raven black hair as he rubs circles on your lower hips and back.

  "More, Sebastian." You say breathlessly as you break away for away. Sebastian's lips move down your neck, nipping and occasionally drawing blood. You can feel the smirk on his lips as he continues, now nipping your collarbone.

  "Yes, my lord." Keeping his pace, Sebastian swiftly rips off your grey shirt and tosses it to the side. You manage to remove his tailcoat as you return to him, taking control.

  Your lips move against his as you control the rhythm. One of his hand reaches up and snaps your bra in half as he begins to knead your beast. You tear off his deep violet vest as he continues, now working on getting your pants off. You pinch one of his nipples playfully once you're free of your pants. While he is surprised, you take the opportunity and remove his shirt, revealing his sculpted, alabaster chest.

  You yelp in surprise as one of Sebastian's hands makes its way to your inner thigh, then reach down and unbutton his pants.

  "Not so fast." Sebastian purrs as he rips your panties off swiftly. You feel the blood rush to your face as he begins fingering you, mumbling something along the lines of, "Already so wet." You grunt and manage to pull his pants off, only to reveal his swollen member.

  "You're horrible, Sebastian." You whisper, breaking away from him and bending down. You stroke his cock several times, and he grow harder still. Slowly, you take his groin and place the tip in your mouth, tasting the precum. Suddenly, Sebastian forces more of his member into your mouth, nearly gagging you.

  "Hm wf hmp pr?! (What was that for?!)" You splutter, your voice muffled by his penis. He moans at the vibrations, and you continue, moving tantalizingly slowly. His hands burrow into your (h/c) hair, and you keep still as he cums, swallowing every bit.

  I can't believe I actually got him to cum before me. You think in amazement as you regain your footing. Sebastian starts fingering you again, then, abruptly, positions his cock at your entrance. You were laying on top of the piano, with Sebastian's sweat-drenched body hovering above you. You nod, and Sebastian slams into you instantly as you cry out in pain. After a few moments, you start writhing, and he begins thrusting.

  You begin to lose all sense from the combination of Sebastian's hands holding down your hips, his mouth on your collarbone, and his throbbing member pounding into you, hitting your pleasure center every time. The growing feeling of a knot in your stomach alerts you, and you scream for all the world to hear.


  You feel yourself cum on him, and his hot seed fills you only seconds after you orgasm.

  Sebastian pushes himself off of your limp body and lays beside you, his panting in sync with your own. His normally unruly black hair sticks to his sweaty face. He pulls you close, and your sweat-covered bodies touch. Your head rests against his sculpted chest, and an errant thought comes to mind.

  "Hey, Sebastian? I'm not going to give birth to demon-children if I get pregnant, will I?"
A SebastianxReader lemon request from :iconask-snapped-egypt:.

I ended up writing some of this in school. In English. And my desk is next to the teacher's desk. That is crazy.

Song: "You Take My Breath Away"-Queen (([link]))


Sebastian Michaelis © Yana Toboso
Song © Queen
Story © :iconsmokewhisper:
You © :iconmichaelisplz:

More fan fiction, literature, art, photography, and cosplay found here: [link]

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