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  Why does nobody notice me? You ask yourself as you walk towards your apartment. It was true, you usually seemed to blend in with the scenery, and nobody noticed. Well, nobody but him. Matthew. He was the first and only person to ever notice you, and he was your only friend. You liked him a little more than just a friend, well, actually, a lot more than just a friend. However, you couldn't just tell him this. If you said something wrong, you'd be all alone again, and since it hadn't killed you the first time, it probably would the second time. Matthew was easy to talk to about most things, especially being alone and having nobody notice him. He admitted that, when he was younger, he usually wasn't noticed either. But one day, he had suddenly become a popular face. This didn't stop either of you from hanging out with each other, even though people usually thought Matt was crazy when you were in public with each other and he was talking to you. You had wanted to tell Matt that you liked him for the longest time, but whenever you tried, you just stuttered incoherently until you finally ran away[1] and hid in your apartment until the next day. 

  Becoming nervous and tongue-tied wasn't your only problem with Matthew, though. Sometimes you felt as though he had a dark aura surrounding him[2], and you didn't know what it was. You weren't afraid of the aura, but you were afraid of what Matt might due under the influence of the darkness. 

  Sighing, you realized you were already standing at the door of your apartment. You unlocked the door and walked in, turning on one of the lights as you went. You had the apartment to yourself, which had major perks. Sure, you had to make payments by yourself, but you were able to have an entire nine hundred square feet[3] all to yourself. Matthew lived right across the hall, too, so if something happened, he was right there. You walk to your room and lay down on the (f/c) comforter on your bed. 

  Today was one of the harder days, when you were trying to find a job. You had filled in the application online, and had gotten called in for an interview. However, when the interviewer had walked into the room the receptionist had told you to wait in, he hadn't seen you at all. "Why are people always wasting my time?!" He said a few minutes later, looking down at his watch. You felt your anger rising, until finally you had found yourself yelling strings of profanities at the ignorant man. And he still hadn't noticed you. Standing up, you had resisted the urge to punch him square in the face, and simply left. And now here you were, still holding back tears. 

  At the moment, you really didn't care whether or not someone came in. They probably wouldn't notice you anyway, unless it was Matthew. I should go over to Mattie's. You think, then sit up. No, he's probably at work right now, you remember. I'll go over later.

  You go to the kitchen, making a cup of English Breakfast tea and adding maple syrup[4]. You knew it sounded disgusting, but Matt had made you try it once, and it had actually been good. He has such a sweet tooth. You think, slightly blushing. It was a rarity that you actually used the maple syrup, unless you had had a particularly bad day. This was one of those days when you just wanted to crawl under your covers and never come out. 

  You sat down on the couch and turned on the television set, flipping aimlessly through the channels, when you finally noticed that someone else was in your apartment with you. Looking around, you noticed that it was only Matt, who happened to be sitting on the couch next to you. You blush and look down, embarrassed that you hadn't noticed him earlier. 

  "You should really make sure nobody else is in your apartment next time, mon cher[5]." He says, smiling down at you and lifting your chin with his forefinger. You set the cup down on the coffee table and turn off the television set, leaning into him, finally feeling a bit better. 

  "Matt, you're the only person who even knows I live here." You say, and you can tell he knows it's true as well. He stiffens, and you look up at him to see what's wrong. 

  "Vous ne devriez jamais penser comme ça[6], ______. Le monde est plein de fous qui ne peuvent pas voir ta beauté[7]." He says, anger building. You know he never liked it when you would talk as if he was the only one who could see you, even if it was true. Now you knew he was extremely livid, because he usually never spoke complete sentences in French unless he were, or unless he was talking to his father. 

  "M-Matt, calm down." You stammer; you became slightly scared when he got like this. You could feel his 'aura' rolling off him.

  Suddenly, Matt grabs your waist and pulls you closer to him. You look at him, surprised and slightly afraid. "Ne vous inquiétez pas[8], ________." Matthew says, chuckling lightly. He quickly leans his head down and kisses you, full on the lips. Taken by surprise, you stay still for a moment in shock, then lean into him, moaning as he continues. He darts his tongue inside your mouth, teasing lightly, before pulling away. You look at him indignantly, (e/c) eyes shining. 

  "So you...really like me that way?" You ask, still in slight shock. 

  "Oui, Je t'aime et je veux être avec vous aussi longtemps que je le peux.[9]" He says, violet eyes showing only love. You know at this point his 'dark side', as some would call it, has taken over, but at the moment you couldn't care less.  You don't even have time to think, though, because Matt has just pushed the coffee table out of the way and is now pinning you to the floor.

  You feel a wave of nervousness coming over you, but the knot in your stomach disappears as Matthew kisses you again, more passionately. It's his French side coming out. You think, knowing that Matt is half French and half Canadian. This time, his tongue forces itself past your lips and into your mouth, exploring the cavern. You grab Matt's neck and pull him, if possible, even closer. One of his hands makes its way to your thigh, while his other hand starts to fondle your breasts. You try to smack his hand away, and fail miserably. So, to get back at him, you pull on his strange long curl. Matthew growls and becomes rougher, starting to nip your lips. You moan at the roughness, feeling more pleasure than you had thought possible. Matthew removes his tongue from your mouth and starts to nip and kiss you down your neck, sometimes drawing a bit a of blood and then lapping it up.

  "M-Matt...I never would have guessed." You say, extremely surprised by the newly discovered dominance Matt has been using. Matt continues to fondle your breasts, massaging them with both hands now. 

  As you indulge in blissful pleasure, you find yourself questioning what you're doing with Matt. "Matt, wait a minute." You say, stopping his erratic behavior. Matt looks at you with questioning eyes, clearly confused as to why you wanted him to stop. "It's just, well...maybe we should wait a little bit longer until we, you know,..." You trail off, leaving Matt to fill in the blanks.

  "Oh," he says, surprised, "I thought you were enjoying this."

  "Don't get me wrong, Mattie, I was, but maybe we should take it just a little bit slower." You say, not wanting to make him angry.

  "I see your point." He says, sitting up and then pulling you up so you can sit next to him. 

  " should know...I love you, too. I have for a while." You say, finally confident enough to tell him. 

  "Good," he says, "because you're the only one I've ever loved." You lean your head against his chest and finally realize that Matthew is shirtless. You spot what looks like his shirt laying on the couch, next to another shirt...that looks a lot like the one you had been wearing. You check to make sure you're still wearing pants, and thankfully you both are.

  "Um, Mattie?" You ask, looking up at him. 

  "What is it?" He asks, voice soft. 

  "Mattie...when did we take our shirts off?" You ask, still confused as to when that had happened. He gives you a confused look, then looks down. 

  "Oh..I'm not sure how that happened." He says, grabbing both shirts and handing one to you. Suddenly, you hear the door bang open, and in walks none other than Matthew's father, Francis. 

  He looks at the two of you, then cries with joy, "Oh, ze great power of l'amour[10]!" Blushing, you stare at the floor, aware that this is the first time someone other than Matthew has actually acknowledged your existence. "You must be ze wonderful girl Mattie 'as been telling moi[11] about, ohonhonhonhonhonhon." You laugh at Francis's odd-sounding laughter, relieved that you were able to get your shirt back on before he had come bursting in.

  "Papa, qu'est-ce que tu fais ici?![12]" Matt shouts, clearly enraged that his father almost walked in on the two of you shirtless and laying on the floor. 

  "Je reviens tout de suite[13], _______." Matt says as he gets up and chases Francis out of the apartment, with you left rolling around in a fit of laughter.

  Matthew comes back a few minutes later, and, with you calmed down, sits down next to you on the couch. "This is going to be a long-term thing, huh?" You teasingly ask Matt.

  "Oui, et il n'y a pas moyen de s'en sortir pour vous[14], _______."

  You chuckle and sigh contentedly, finally able to enjoy your time with Matthew Williams fully.
A Dark!CanadaxReader request from :iconkeropla:. Considering the fact that I only had about the first paragraph planned out when I started writing this, I think it turned out pretty well. I wanted to make the reader invisible instead of Canada, 1. because Canada deserves some attention for once, and 2. because it was Canada Day, so Mattie deserved more attention than usual. I'll admit, I don't even know what I was doing most of the time writing this. So yeah. I found Chopin music. I have been listening to it for the past hour and a half. Because I found Austria's song that he always plays on piano. It's Chopin's Nocturne. Here, listen to it: [link] :iconaustria-plz: And......I'm getting way off topic.


[1]-I've done that before...twice.
[2]-I took the idea from Russia's aura.
[3]-900 square feet seems like a good size.
[4]-I thought adding maple syrup to tea would be something Mattie would do. I also thought the sheer thought of it was absurd. :iconadorablecanadaplz:
NOTE: I used Google for all the translations. Sorry if they're wrong.
[5]-Mon cher means "my dear" in French.
[6]-Vous ne devriez jamais penser comme ça means "You should never think like that" in French.
[7]-Le monde est plein de fous qui ne peuvent pas voir ta beauté means "The world is full of fools who cannot see your beauty" in French. :iconsmexycanadaplz:
[8]-Ne vous inquiétez pas means "Do not worry" in French.
[9]-Oui, Je t'aime et je veux être avec vous aussi longtemps que je le peux means "Yes, I love you and I want to be with you as long as I can" in French.
[10]-L'amour means "love" in French. :iconamourbeamplz:
[11]-Moi means "me" in French.
[12]-Papa, qu'est-ce que tu fais ici means "Dad, what are you doing here" in French.
[13]-Je reviens tout de suite means "I'll be right back" in French.
[14]-Oui, et il n'y a pas moyen de s'en sortir pour vous means "Yes, and there is no way of escape for you" in French. :iconmistycanadaplz:

Yeah, sorry about making it a bit lemony. :iconpervycanadaplz:

Canada/Matthew Williams and Francis Bonnefoy/France ©:iconhimaruyaplz:
Story © :iconsmokewhisper:
You © :iconsexycanadaplz:

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